Feature story: Discover “The Virtual Experience” at Festival Day

Modernising Shakespeare through virtual reality

William Shakespeare was a man of many talents; writer, actor, poet, and is revered as one of the world’s greatest playwrights and innovator of the English language. As a man who was well ahead of his time, it seems only fitting to honour Shakespeare’s innovative legacy with one of the world’s most modern technological advances, virtual reality.

The Shakespeare 400 Perth Festival will collaborate with Perth-based creative marketing agency, BEVIN Creative, to modernise the Shakespearian era in the 21st century, with the introduction of “The Virtual Experience” at the festival’s finale event.

Alongside an array of entertaining stalls and events on Riley Oval, BEVIN Creative will offer a global first, virtual reality experience, allowing visitors to virtually step inside the infamous Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Having modelled The Globe in 3-dimensional imagery using state-of-the-art 3D construction software, festival-goers will have the opportunity to use Samsung Oculus Gear virtual reality headsets, to step back in time into one of the most influential buildings of the Shakespearean era.

The technology will allow individuals to visually engage with The Globe Theatre in an interactive setting, whilst having the chance to explore various locations within the theatre itself, all providing a unique Shakespearean experience to remember. For those of you who are yet to try virtual reality, this promises to be a unique opportunity.

Benjamin Bott, CEO of BEVIN Creative and brainchild of “The Virtual Experience” expressed his enthusiasm with introducing the technology to the public, by stating; “We are so excited to be introducing this technology at the Shakespeare 400 Perth Festival Day. For those who are yet to experience virtual reality, what a great time to try it out. Even for those who have used these devices before, this is an opportunity to see VR being used in a unique way.”

BEVIN Creative will have multiple virtual reality headsets stationed at various locations throughout the Shakespeare 400 Perth Festival Day, ensuring every festival attendee can experience the wonder of Shakespeare, through the use of modern technology.

BEVIN Creative’s Manager of Marketing and Digital, Glen Panarese, expressed his delight with providing this memorable experience to the public by saying; “When it comes to using virtual reality to fully immerse people in the Shakespearean era, it’s about as engaging as it gets. You literally feel as though you’re right there, you can almost taste the Shakespearean atmosphere.”

The Shakespeare 400 Perth Festival honors the achievements of William Shakespeare, a modern, avant-garde professional of the dramatic arts, and a forward thinking creative mind well ahead of his time. “The Virtual Experience” serves as a perfect fit for exploring the legacy of Shakespeare through one of the fastest growing technologies in the world at present, on a day that will celebrate and recognise Shakespeare’s death, some 400 years ago.

So come along and join in the fun at the Shakespeare 400 Perth Festival Day where The University of Western Australia campus will be transformed into an Elizabethan-inspired celebration; featuring a vast array of theatre shows, pop-up stalls, and various Shakespeare-inspired performances.

Be sure to visit BEVIN Creative at their stand on Festival Day, located on Riley Oval next to the information booth.

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